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There is no information on the Crypto Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. An address in Malta is also provided. Further research reveals Crypto 888 Casino Yandex Money affiliates referring to Romanov right as the owner of the company itself. Why this information is not presented on the Crypto Club website is a mystery. Crypto Club has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market 888 Casino Yandex Money membership to the company itself.

Referral commissions are paid out on investments made by recruited affiliates, paid out down three levels of recruitment. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top 888 Casino Yandex Money a binary team, split into two sides left and right:.

Positions in the binary represented recruited affiliates who have invested in Casino-Spiele Online-System least one package. Volume is generated by these positions through affiliate investment. Points are generated as per the referral commissions outlined above.

At the end of each week, Crypto Club tally up the points generated on either side of the binary for that week. Note that in order to qualify for binary commissions, a Crypto Club affiliate must recruit at least 888 Casino Yandex Money affiliates who have invested in at least one package each. A matching bonus is available on binary commissions earnt by recruited affiliates, paid out down three levels of recruitment.

888 Casino Yandex Money membership with Crypto Club is free, however affiliates must invest in at least one package in order to participate in the income opportunity:.

The primary difference between these amounts is income potential through the Crypto Club compensation plan. The pyramid scheme of the business is pretty straight forward, with affiliates paid a commission to when recruited affiliates invest. How much is paid out directly correlates to how much is invested by the newly recruited affiliates, as well as how much the affiliate themselves invested when they signed up.

Real money is invested by affiliates, converted into Ponzi points digital chipswhich are then subsequently converted into a cryptocurrency nobody really knows anything about. The value of OctaCoin is going to be artificially determined by the amount of funds coming from affiliates, calculated after binary, referral and matching commissions are paid out.

Especially considering the coin is absolutely worthless to 888 Casino Yandex Money outside of the Crypto Club opportunity. Any merchants who do accept the coin 888 Casino Yandex Money going to be Crypto Club affiliates themselves, looking only to further increase their share of OctaCoins. The beauty of the cryptocurrency Ponzi model is that Romanov can encourage affiliates to keep their funds trapped in the system, by promising that an exponential growth phase for OctaCoin is just around the corner.

Real money flows in, some is paid out via the binary, matching and referral commissions, and the rest dumped into a bank account. Everyone is encouraged 888 Casino Yandex Money retain their OctaCoins, in the fear that they might wake up tomorrow and see the value has skyrocketed. That of course never happens, with Romanov and top investors quietly withdrawing deposited funds.

Octa Partners has also collapsed, with the company now gearing up to reboot itself as Nano Club. Apr 17th, at And there is no such russian person big in casino business, I would know. The name sounds as is if some foreigner had to come up with some russian name and would use the royal one. Apr 17th, at 1: It also possible that scammers just picked a random 888 Casino Yandex Money from the registry which does not have internet presence to save few hundreds on actually buying a company reg.

So far I have Kelabi dot com and makebichina dot com and peacecoin dot cc. They are ALL in Chinese. This thing had to be Chinese. Maybe someone in Hong Kong found some Russian random to front this. Probably promised him a lot of echtes Casino-Land-Spielautomaten Geld Online für OctaCoins to take 888 Casino Yandex Money heat.

Apr 17th, at 2: Not finding who is this mysterious guy. Too old to be a waiter. As another hint, try to rotate the pic so its aligned straight, maybe it was put under angle on purpose. Before you do searches and i aslo think it has artificial light added, maybe darkening it a bit can produce a result. But I give up, could be just iphone pic. I tried all that. Align, remove border, lighten vs. St Julians Malta is a company reg house called Panlegis.

Nigel is spotted in Bangkok as well — the militaire regime in Thailand will let them get money and momentum before they arrest them and keep the funds! Apr 17th, at 6: Ed, your info is wrong… Nigel Allan is just a distributor. He is not behind this deal as he is not related or part of the management in any way…. Octacoin will be a public coin from the very first minute. Public blockchain, anyone can verfy it and anyone can mine it, even if it is not in the network.

So the Coins is not controlled by the company and the value of the coin-whatever it will be — is real market value. The company not making false claims regarding 888 Casino Yandex Money future value like onecoin and utoken. Apr 17th, at 8: Yet nobody except Crypto Club affiliates will be using it. We use quite normal methods when we estimate the value of something, e. For an investment, the intrinsic value of the investment may be relevant.

Liquidity may be relevant. Volatility may be relevant. It may add some additional costs, but additional costs are not the same as value. The octacoins is stored in ewallets in your computer, cellphone, tablet, whatever …. Apr 18th, at 1: Nigel Allan is just a distributor.

There also have been big blow-ups when such backroom deals came to light. Or maybe have relatives be top distributors. Apr 18th, at 5: The name itself is correctly formed. There were 3 russian czars named Alexander Romanov. If the spelling confused you, that is because russian use cyrillic alphabet and when they trying to write names in latin one they might spell it some other style than westerners used to.

Apr 18th, at Aleksandr without article source e is Russian and Armenian.

Apr 18th, at 4: You can have a better luck with Sergey Mayzus owner of instaforex, liteforex,OkPay and various other online money laundering networks and forex kitchens. During 90ies he ran a ring of casinos in Kaliningrad, Russiajust before gambling was banned across entire Russia. Apr 20th, at 8: I forgot Makebi was used here. Apr 21st, at 3: Apr 21st, at 4: Apr 22nd, at Apr 23rd, at 4: This guy has a flopped energy deal Marshal Energy Globalthousands of families lost their savings!

May 7th, at 5: 888 Casino Yandex Money this is a opportunity this is realy a joke. One another ballone that will suck peoples money and one year and everything is over. Milionaires miliaders and the backoffice and the website is a real crap. Company not properly listed, owner structure is nowhere. May 21st, at 1: So they are having a second go?

My question is can they really be that good at wagering that they could generate enough winnings to pay a decent return to investors, punters, gamblers? Could this be the reason why Nigel got tossed from OneCoin when they found out he the President of OneCoin was also doing ? He does say he has been doing for 4 months so that means he was doing both Onecoin and at the same time Opps. 888 Casino Yandex Money interesting that with a tiny bit of research their seems to be a historical melting pot linking a bunch of front men, places and businesses to several start up companies, OneCoin, Crypto, LeoCoin, Conligus, Bigcoin, Unaico, Sitetalk theres more but you get my drift.

May 21st, at 2: May 21st, at 6: BOX Owner City: Jun 8th, at This region could be to Africa what the tiger economies are to Asia; with huge potential markets. The coming week the whole crypto global management including Alexander Romanov and Froystein Bakke will team up in Thailand with their network leaders and several other key people who are all working very hard to make both 888 Casino Yandex Money and the Octcoin a huge success.

Jul 22nd, at 8:

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Since that time they have grown into a massive online gambling business. Alongside the casino they have a poker room, bingo room, sportsbook and a live casino. As they check this out a long established casino their bonuses are unlikely to ever be directly profitable to the player. Nevertheless there are some good propositions available 888 Casino Yandex Money time to time. AstroPay card deposit are also available beginning at 20 units of the three currencies available.

Bank transfers are also an option, with many online and offline bank 888 Casino Yandex Money accepts, most of which start at 20 units of the three currencies available. Not all of the deposit methods will be available for cashing out your winnings. For example, there are a lot of restrictions on cashing out any MasterCard branded card, either 888 Casino Yandex Money or credit. The same applies to deposits by Diners Clud card. Also, Paysafecard and Ukash vouchers are not issued for withdrawals.

This casino is licenced in Gibraltar under the parent company name, Cassave. You can check the licence here if you like. They also have their Game Payout Percentages audited by eCogra.

Rather unusually for a major online casino, uses their own software, as well as a number of other casino game suppliers software, such as NetEnt casino 888 Casino Yandex Money. All the standard games that you would expect from an online casino are available, as well as some of the most popular other-brand games. There is a downloadable version — which is best 888 Casino Yandex Money and an instand play version, as 888 Casino Yandex Money as a mobile casino version.

Of 888 Casino Yandex Money has a Live dealer casino available. One thing to note is that this live casino has — in my opinion — the prettiest dealers of all the live online casinos out there. The games are dealt in front of you and you can chat with the dealers if you like.

Just like a real life casino, there is no random number generator determining the outcome of the games. The mobile software does not have all the games that the downloadable version has. The mobile one is mainly for slots Online-Casino-Land für Computer. All calculations for bonuses are done 888 Casino Yandex Money US Dollars and then exchanged to your account currency.

This a great way to get people to try out the software. Like it sounds, players do not need to deposit to get this free money — simply signup and verify your details. The amount of the bonus — in fact, whether it is available or not — will depend on your country. In some countries it is not on offer right now. You will need to check the site for details about your location.

For those players that can get this bonus, while the winnings are capped at 20 currency units, that does not apply to any jackpot win, so it is definitely worth checking out. There are currently three bonuses worth mentioning at The bonus amount needs to be rolled over thirty times before you can make a withdrawal. Not all games count fully towards the requirements.

As usual, the lower edge games are counted only as a percentage. This means that you will have to play the bonus times if you are playing either of those games. That figure multiplied by the expected payout percentage of The percentage on this game has been verified at Leaving it at the average Multiplied by the expected return of Again, not a profitable expectation. Not as bad as the other games, but still there is no expectation of profit here. Depositors using Neteller should not that the rollover 888 Casino Yandex Money bonuses for players using that payment method is actually 40 times, and not the standard 30 times.

Players from Japan using Neteller are only required to reach a rollover of 20 times, for some reason not known to me. Gibraltar Casino Software: Multiple Live Casino: Yes Mobile Options: Yes Casino Currencies available:

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There is no information on the Crypto Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Crypto Club website domain (“cryptoclub”) was.
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