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Men began falling all around him, but Laidlaw continued piping until he got near the German lines. Here he was hit and fell wounded and the officer beside him was killed. The battle began on September 25th when the British were able to break through weaker German trenches and capture the town more info Loos. The medal is one of only 74 awarded to Scots during the First World War and arguably the most famous. With the attention given to the display of the ultimate battlefield honor, Daniel Laidlaw will not soon be forgotten. It was also decided that the small museum located in Berwick-upon-Tweed was somewhat off the beaten tourist path where few members of the public Einkommen Online-Casino Spin Palace Casino view such a prize. Unfortunately due to a shortage of men and arttilery sheels, the British could not exploit the breach they opened in the German line, and on September 28th the battle Einkommen Online-Casino Spin Palace Casino where it began, with the British pulling back to their original trenches. Laidlaw returned home a celebrity, much like Piper Gerorge Findlater, and made several public apperances. A few of the men began to cough and choke and many Einkommen Online-Casino Spin Palace Casino rappidly to the effects of the gas. Those not overcome by the gas swarmed up out of the trenches with bayonnets bristling and followwed Laidlaw into the assault. The effect of his splendid example was immediate and the company dashed out to the assault. If that was not enough to unnerve the soldiers, a cloud of poison gas Spielautomaten 10 Cent to drift over their posistion. Despite the futility of this poorly planed offensive, the men who broke the German lines and fell in the mud here us with many examples of courage and heroisim. The most famous among these stories is that of Piper Daniel Laidlaw. Through his popularity he received the title, Einkommen Online-Casino Spin Palace Casino Piper of Loos.

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