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He finished school, Online-Casino Geld qiwi from nearby Charleston High, and dreamed of college. But as he set out — first to Camp Robinson in Little Rock, and then to San Diego, and Online-Casino Geld qiwi to sea — his heart always turned to home.

He was one of six children, four boys and two girls. His two older brothers, Walter and George, already serving in the Army.

There was also a special girl, Betty Jean, a telephone operator in Fort Smith, and if time permitted, he believed a full blown Online-Casino Geld qiwi might have blossomed.

He loved his pop, and he worried after him — the hard work he did in the coal pits, the sorry of his teeth — but it was his mother, especially, that made his heart break. The thought of not sitting down with her, of not eating her Online-Casino Geld qiwi cooking, visit web page not sharing the harmless small town gossip that kept them chatting long after supper was over, seemed too much to bear.

His letters started as soon as his feet hit Camp Robinson. Dear Folks, Online-Casino Geld qiwi arrived in Camp Robinson about 7: Then they took us to the barracks.

As soon as they turned us loose we took out for the P. There is six of us in each barrack. I am lying on the floor writing this. I will write as soon as Online-Casino Geld qiwi can. Another postcard, written the following day, announced what he considered a grand piece of luck. He had been chosen by the Navy. Perhaps he thought the wide sea, the hulking ship, would be the things that kept him safe. We stayed in the Y. He marveled at the train he rode.

The Pullman car, Online-Casino Geld qiwi towns zipping by. He sat with his face pressed to the window, taking it all in, this land away from Arkansas, this world with deserts this web page palm trees. Dear Folks, We passed about 50 yards from the Mexico border.

We stopped in Yuma, Ariz. They had the price of every article written on a little piece of paper that was to the article.

We have been kicked and cussed around all day. We got our G. We have been issued our clothing and equipment, and they have been trying to show us how to pack our bags, and make our beds, and confidentially it has been very boring.

We will have to spend 12 weeks in boot camp, then maybe we will have it a little better. I guess you got all the cards I sent on the trip. Well, it is about time to start cleaning here bathrooms, guess I better quit scribbling.

All the boys feel pretty badly, and pretty blue tonight, but maybe it will get better in a few days. It only took Austin six short days to take out the life insurance policy he prayed would linger in a drawer inside his childhood home. Dear Folks, I have taken out an insurance policy which I must send home, and also I forgot to send the receipt for my ration books. The lights go out in the barracks here at 8: This insurance I took out is just like the one George has.

Not long after, Online-Casino-Marathon asked for pictures of everyone in the family. He asked his pop to wire money before his first leave, just in case he came up short.

A round read more ticket will cost Just click for source will have to eat on the train for about three days, so it will cost about The church he attended — they all were required to go — could hold 3, people.

He described the big ships, how he could see them in the channel from his spot in the barracks. I guess we will be seeing all the ships we want before long. The typewriter he used cost ten cents for every thirty minutes of use. They have a slot in them just like a Nickelodeon only you have to insert a dime instead of a nickel.

But Austin believed it was a good investment. If I get to go to here school I will need typing so I am killing two birds with the same stone. In September, Austin experienced one of the great wonders of Http:// Balboa Park in Online-Casino Geld qiwi Diego.

They have the third largest zoo in this country out there, and it is a beautiful place. While we were out there we had our picture made by an see more Online-Casino Geld qiwi who did his own developing. Incidentally both of my buddies are Arkies. They are Online-Casino Geld qiwi guys too. Back at camp, Austin studied hard, getting up at Online-Casino Geld qiwi in the morning, attending lectures all day.

He was a smart guy, and his diligence paid off. His job was critical, working with a team that picked up radar signals and communications and transcribed them for the officers on board. He joked, I want you and Pop to both get you some good clothes and step out once Online-Casino Geld qiwi a while. I sent to the University of Arkansas for a course in first year English.

On December 12, he graduated from Radar Operators School. His diploma, no bigger than a half a sheet of notebook paper, brought him great joy. He sent it home to his folks for safekeeping. It will prove my knowledge.

No doubt about it. This is the best rate there is, so you can say with pride, Online-Casino Geld qiwi boy is a radar man. He signed the note, Shakespeare. The following day he moved eighteen miles from San Diego, to a place he called a distribution center.

I hope Old Santa Claus is good to all of you this year, and you have a merry Christmas, he wrote. He signed the letter, Skinny. Christmas Day, Austin ate in the mess hall, the food so good he sent the menu home. We were all in the same boat, so we just had a good time griping and raising heck. And he asked after his brother, George, who was Spielgerät Frucht heiß 777 Belgium at the time.

Have you heard from George lately? The New Year dawned, Online-Casino Geld qiwi the world was still at war. Austin was now at a temporary camp in San Francisco, waiting still to be shipped out.

He signed the letter, Saltyand added, I now have a mustache and sideburns. He must have been full of trepidation when he finally boarded the Online-Casino Geld qiwi carrier, the USS Franklin, on January 13, Online-Casino Geld qiwi ship, nicknamed Big Ben, was thought by Online-Casino Geld qiwi to be invincible, a notion that comforted Austin.

It weighed 21, tons, was feet long, with an feet long flight deck. The fuel tanks carried more thangallons of gasoline for the fighters, bombers and torpedo planes, and carried another 7, tons of oil for her own boilers.

There were 3, people aboard. Their destination was the Pacific. On January 28, he wrote home, trying to comfort his mother. I certainly hope George got just click for source Christmas packages. I have been keeping up with the war news pretty well lately, and it sounds pretty good now.

I will be going out before long now, and dog-gone it! Do you think that after all the battles George Online-Casino Geld qiwi I survived when we were kids, we would be hurt in a little scrap like this?

In February, he apologized for not writing. He wrote, Bye golly! Another letter came at the end Online-Casino Geld qiwi the month. He signed off, saying he had the twelve to four overnight shift. When March rolled in, the stress of battle was showing. He wrote, We had our first mail call in over a week, the first and I had been anticipating a great stack of mail, so when they sounded mail call I dashed up the ladder and began shuffling letters right and left.

I felt like I had been slapped in the face. But that night we got more mail aboard, and one of Online-Casino Geld qiwi buddies woke me up and gave me a letter from you, which tended to ameliorate my broken morale. I Online-Casino Geld qiwi make it fine as long as I can be assured of getting a big stack of mail every time we have mail call.

It is hard for anyone back home to realize how much a letter from home can mean to a man overseas. It makes him feel like source still thinks of him, and cares what happens to him. It lessens the feeling that he is just a tramp, cast out miles from home Online-Casino Geld qiwi suffer the punishments of fate.

In his next letter, on March 14, Online-Casino Geld qiwi talks about the girl back home, Betty Jean Robertson. Mom, Betty Jean would like for you to let her know in the event anything happens to me.

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