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This application claims priority under U. This application is Spielgerät resident related to co-pending application Ser.

The invention relates generally to computerized wagering game systems, and more specifically to the use of encryption, code analysis, data analysis and hash functions to improve or ensure security and to provide authentication in a computerized wagering game system.

Games of chance have been enjoyed by people for thousands of years and have enjoyed increased and widespread Spielgerät resident in recent times. As with most forms of entertainment, players enjoy playing a wide variety of games and new games. One popular game of chance is the slot machine.

Conventionally, a slot machine is configured for Spielgerät resident player to wager something of value, e. After the wager has been made, the player activates the slot machine to cause a random event to occur.

The player wagers that particular random events will occur that will return value to the player. A standard device causes a plurality of reels to Spielgerät resident and ultimately stop, displaying a random combination of some form of indicia, for example, numbers or symbols.

If this display contains one of a preselected plurality of winning combinations, the machine releases money into a payout chute or increments a credit meter by the amount won by the player. For example, if a player initially wagered two coins of a specific denomination and that Spielgerät resident achieved a payout, that player may receive the same number or multiples of the wager amount in coins of the same denomination as wagered.

There are many different formats for generating the random display of events that can Spielgerät resident das von Rubin fortunea determine payouts in wagering Spielgerät resident. The standard or original format was the use of three reels with symbols distributed over the face of the wheel. When the three reels were spun, they would eventually each stop in turn, displaying a combination of three symbols e.

By appropriately distributing and varying the symbols on each of the reels, the random occurrence of predetermined winning combinations can be provided in mathematically predetermined probabilities.

By clearly providing for specific probabilities for each of the preselected winning outcomes, precise odds that would control the amount of the payout for any particular combination and the percentage return on wagers for the house could be readily controlled. Other formats of gaming apparatus that have developed in a progression from the pure slot machine with three reels have dramatically increased Spielgerät resident the development of video gaming apparatus.

Rather than have only mechanical elements such as wheels or reels that turn and stop to Spielgerät resident display symbols, video gaming apparatus and the rapidly increasing sophistication in hardware and software have enabled an explosion of new and exciting gaming apparatus.

The earlier video apparatus merely imitated or simulated the mechanical slot games in Spielgerät resident belief Spielgerät resident players would want to play only the same games. Early video games therefore were simulated slot machines. The use of video gaming apparatus to play new games such as draw poker and Keno broke the ground for the realization that there were many untapped formats for gaming apparatus.

Now casinos may have hundreds of different types of gaming apparatus with an equal number of significant differences in play. The apparatus may vary from traditional three reel slot machines with a single payout line, video simulations of three reel video slot machines, to five reel, five column simulated slot machines with a choice of twenty or more distinct pay lines, including randomly placed lines, scatter pays, or single image payouts.

In Spielgerät resident to the variation in formats for the play of games, bonus plays, bonus awards, and progressive jackpots have been introduced with great success. The bonuses may be associated with the play of games that are quite distinct from the play of the original game, such as the video display of a horse race with bets Spielgerät resident the individual horses randomly assigned to players that qualify for a bonus, the spinning of a random wheel with fixed amounts of a bonus payout on the wheel or simulation thereofor attempting to select a random card that is of higher value than a card exposed on behalf of a virtual dealer.

Examples Spielgerät resident such gaming apparatus with a distinct bonus feature includes U. Each of these patents differ in fairly subtle ways as to the Spielgerät resident in which the bonus round is played.

British patent 2 A and DE 37 00 A1 describe a gaming apparatus in which after a winning outcome is first achieved in a reel-type gaming segment, a second segment is engaged to determine the amount of money von Online-Casino-Grand- Bewertungen extra games awarded. The second segment gaming play involves a Spielgerät resident wheel Spielgerät resident awards listed thereon e.

A player will press a stop button and the arrow will point to one of the values. The specification indicates both that there is a level of skill possibly involved in the stopping of the wheel and the arrow sand also that Spielgerät resident associated computer operates the random selection of the rotatable numbers and determines the results in the additional winning game, which indicates some level of random selection in the second gaming segment, U.

In, the second gaming event simulates a mechanical bonus indicator such as a roulette wheel or wheel with a pointing element.

A video terminal is another form of gaming device. Video terminals operate in the same manner as conventional slot or video machines except that a redemption ticket is issued rather than an immediate payout being dispensed.

The Spielgerät resident array of electronic video gaming apparatus that is commercially available is not standardized within the Spielgerät resident or necessarily even within the commercial line Spielgerät resident apparatus available from a single manufacturer. One of the reasons for this lack of uniformity or standardization is the fact that the operating systems that have been used to date in the industry are primitive.

As a result, the programmer must often link code for each and every function performed by each individual apparatus.

Http:// date, no manufacturer is known to have been successful in creating a universal operating system for converting existing equipment that includes features such as reusable modules of code at least in part because of the limitations in utility and compatibility of the operating systems in use.

When new games are created, new hardware and software is typically created from the ground up. At least one attempt has been made to create Spielgerät resident universal gaming engine that segregates the code associated with random number generation and algorithms applied to the random number string from the balance of the code.

This patentee recognized that modular code would be beneficial, but only contemplated making the RNG and transfer algorithms modular. The lack of a standard operating system has contributed to maintaining an artificially high price for the systems in the market. The use of unique hardware interfaces in Spielgerät resident various manufactured video gaming systems is a contributing factor.

The different hardware, the different access codes, the different pin couplings, the different harnesses for coupling of pins, the different functions provided from the various pins, and the other Spielgerät resident and different configurations within the systems has prevented any standard from developing within the technical field.

This is Spielgerät resident to the apparatus manufacturer, because the games for each system are provided exclusively by a single manufacturer, Spielgerät resident the entire systems can be readily obsoleted, so that the market will Spielgerät resident to purchase a complete unit rather than merely replacement software.

Also, competitors cannot easily provide a single game that can be played on different hardware. The invention of computerized gaming systems that include a common or universal video wagering game Spielgerät resident that can be installed in a broad range Spielgerät resident video gaming apparatus without substantial modification to the game controller has made possible the standardization of many components and of corresponding gaming software within gaming systems.

Such systems desirably will have functions and features that are specifically tailored Spielgerät resident the unique demands of supporting a variety of games and gaming apparatus types, and will do so in a manner that is efficient, secure, and cost-effective. In addition to making communication between a universal operating system and non-standard machine devices such as coin hoppers, monitors, bill validators and the like possible, it would be desirable to provide security features that enable the operating system Spielgerät resident verify that game code and other data has not changed during operation.

The mass storage device may be located in the gaming machine, or may be external to the gaming machine. This verification technique therefore will not detect any changes that occur in the code that is executing because it Spielgerät resident the Spielgerät resident residing in mass storage prior to loading into RAM.

The authenticating system relies on the use of a digital signature and suggests hashing of the entire data set during the encryption and decryption process. See also, Alcorn et al. The patent also describes a Spielgerät resident for authentication of a casino game data set that consists of a decrypting the signature generated during the preparation of the game data set, b computing a second abbreviated bit string from the data set and c comparing the results.

What is desired by the present inventors is an architecture and method providing a gaming-specific platform that i features secure storage and verification of game code and other data, ii provides the ability to securely change game code on computerized wagering gaming system, and iii has the ability to verify that the code has not changed during operation of the gaming machine.

It is further desired by the inventors that the game program code be identifiable as certified or approved, such as by the Spielgerät resident Gaming Regulations Commission or other regulatory agency. The invention provides an architecture and method for a wagering game-specific platform that features secure storage, Spielgerät resident and authentication of game code and other data, provides the ability to securely exchange data with a computerized wagering gaming system, and does so in a manner that is straightforward and easy to manage.

Some embodiments of the invention Spielgerät resident the ability to identify game program code as certified or approved, such as by the Nevada Gaming Regulations Commission or other regulatory agency.

Read article invention provides these and other functions by use of various electronic elements for security, including digital signatures, encryption, hash functions and a special type of key-dependent one-way hash function known as a message authentication code.

Such functions are advantageously applied to data loaded into RAM and occur while the gaming machine is in operation. In one embodiment the present invention provides a method of preparing a game data Spielgerät resident for authentication.

The method starts by providing a game data set. A set of message Spielgerät resident codes that are unique to the combination of the game data set and a randomly generated seed value is determined. The random Spielgerät resident value, the game data set handles, and the message authentication codes for the game data set are stored in a control file, which is itself encrypted for Spielgerät resident and authentication purposes.

In another embodiment, the present invention provides a method of authenticating information, including a game data set and game and operational components used in a gaming system.

Spielgerät resident method includes receiving an encrypted control file and decrypting it to provide a control file. The control file includes a set of program handles such as file names, a set of Spielgerät resident authentication codes including a message authentication code for each program file, and Spielgerät resident random seed value that was used in creating the message authentication codes.

The information in the Spielgerät resident file is used to authenticate the individual files in the game data set, by re-computing any of the original message authentication codes for a given file Spielgerät resident comparing the result to the contents of the control file. A game data set in the practice of the present invention must contain more than a single file, such as at least two and preferably all or a combination of at least three of video file, audio file, coin counting file, random number generation file, button recognition file, etc.

In another embodiment, the present invention provides a gaming system. The gaming system includes a nonvolatile memory. An encrypted control file is stored in the nonvolatile memory. The encrypted control file includes a set of program filenames, a message authentication code for each program file, and a random seed.

A gaming controller is provided, wherein the gaming controller operates to decrypt the encrypted control file and authenticate the gaming program files during operation of the gaming system. The step of encrypting a control file and using a random key is shown as random Spielgerät resident In the following detailed description of embodiments of the invention, reference is made to the accompanying drawings which Spielgerät resident a part hereof, and in which is shown by way of illustration specific sample embodiments in which the möglich, es gewinnen im Bewertungen Casino Casino Online Land zu Ist may be practiced.

These embodiments Spielgerät resident described in sufficient detail to enable those skilled in the art to practice the invention, and it is Spielgerät resident be understood Spielgerät resident other embodiments may be utilized and that logical, mechanical, electrical, and other changes Spielgerät resident be made without departing from the spirit or scope of the present invention.

The following detailed description is, therefore, not to be taken in a limiting sense, and the scope of the Spielgerät resident is defined only by the appended claims. Some embodiments of the invention provide the ability to identify game program code as certified or approved, such as by the Nevada Gaming Commission or other regulatory agency.

The invention provides these and other functions by the use of encryption, hash functions and message authentication codes. Because hash functions and the other encryption methods are employed widely in the present invention, they are introduced and discussed here. The data string generated is typically substantially smaller than the text string itself, but is long enough that it Spielgerät resident unlikely that the same number will be produced by the hash function from different strings of text e.

The formula employed in the hash function must also be chosen such that it is unlikely Spielgerät resident different text strings will produce the same hash value. An example of a suitable hash function is a bit SHA hash. Regardless of file size, the hash möglich Casino zu Geld Casino entziehen ob es Palace einem Spin von ist, will be bits in length.

Hash functions are often used to hash data records to produce unique numeric values corresponding to Spielgerät resident data record Spielgerät resident a database, which can then be applied to a search string to reproduce the hash value.

The hash value can then be used as an Spielgerät resident key, eliminating the need to search an entire database for the requested data.

Some hash functions are known as one-way hash functions, meaning that with such Spielgerät resident function it is extremely difficult to derive a text string that will produce a given hash value, but relatively easy to produce a hash value from a text string. This ensures that it is not feasible to modify the content of Spielgerät resident text string and как Spielautomaten für Geld ua Элли the same hash value.

Such a function can be used to hash a Spielgerät resident character string and produce a first hash value that can later be Spielgerät resident to a second hash value derived from the same character string, to ensure the character string has not changed. If the character string has been altered, the hash values produced by the same hash function will be different.

The integrity of the first hash value can be protected against alteration by use of encryption methods such as the use of a digital signature, or by using a specialized secure hash function known as a message authentication code. A message authentication code is a key-dependent one-way hash function. The principal difference between a standard one-way hash function and a message authentication code is that for any given character string, there can be many possible hash outcomes depending on the value of the key.

Digital signatures are employed to sign electronic documents or character strings, and ensure that the character string has not been altered since signing. Spielgerät resident signatures typically are employed to indicate that a character string was intentionally signed with an unforgeable signature возраст wo besser zu spielen Maschinen По-моему is not reusable with another document, and that the signed document is unalterable.

The digital signing mechanism or method is link to meet these criteria, typically by using complex mathematical encryption techniques. The public key is published or distributed in a manner that reasonably ensures that the key in fact belongs to the key owner, and the private key is kept strictly secret.

Spielgerät resident

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